A Novel in Three Parts




1. Inside Round

A female venture capitalist becomes CEO of a leading social network.

Description of Capital Stock:

And trust wasn’t an engineerable feature, not in any traditional sense of the words. No, in a world where unfathomable things were engineered every day, there seemed to be no shortcuts, no scalability, in the development of that killer app Trust.

2. Vesting

Celia struggles with trust in her personal life and at Connected.

Description of Capital Stock:

There are those moments in life where not the inputs and desired outputs but the algorithm itself changes completely, and no one tells you. Because no one knows. Because friendship and family means caring about and relying on people as selfish, small, scared, and stupid about the future as you.

3. The Exit

As Connected’s IPO approaches, Celia mulls a variety of high-risk exits.

Description of Capital Stock:

My investment portfolio had never been less diversified. I’d sacrificed good risk management and every best practice that I knew for a single star company. This would not have happened ten years ago, two years ago. On the other hand, I had just spent three weeks lecturing hundreds of investors on the power of connecting the world through a single, centralized network, and nobody could accuse me of not eating my own dog food.

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