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Connected is a character-driven novel about Silicon Valley.

Celia Little, a successful venture capitalist, is named CEO of a social network, displacing its young founder a few months prior to its IPO.

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Strategy and Risk Factors

Our strategy is to invest in product innovation and take risks to improve our social networking platform. We do this in order to drive user engagement, which we can then monetize through advertising. We use the revenue we generate to fund future product innovation to grow our business and improve our user experience. We believe that the best way to compete for global online advertising revenue is innovating to create the most engaging products. New mobile software and digital communications technology are available to everyone immediately, and usually for free. While not all of our investments will pay off in the long run, we are willing to take risks in an attempt to create the best and most differentiated products on the market.

Due to the nature of our products and business, our ability to succeed in any given country is largely dependent on digital infrastructure and digital advertising markets. These factors influence our product performance, our hosting costs, and our monetization opportunity in each market. Our products often require intensive processing and generate high bandwidth consumption by our users. As a result, our users tend to come from developed countries with high-end mobile devices and high-speed cellular internet. These markets also tend to have cheaper bandwidth costs, meaning that it is less expensive to serve our community in these countries.

Substantially all of our revenue comes from advertising, so our ability to generate revenue in a particular country depends on the size of its advertising market. Global advertising spend—especially mobile advertising spend—is extremely concentrated, with over 70% of overall advertising spend and nearly 85% of mobile advertising spend coming from the top ten advertising markets. On average, over 60% of our Daily Active Users come from these countries.