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Project: Non-Profit Website Redesign

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When I began work on, it was nearly four years old, a WordPress site cobbled together by volunteers and the marketing team on the fly as the organization grew rapidly from two expats in Barcelona to an award-winning 50-person EdTech NGO in four continents. The organization needed a website that reflected its expansive vision and accomplishments.

Worldreader website homepage in 2014, before redesign
Worldreader homepage in 2014, before redesign

I started with a redesign of the blog, Google Analytics updates, and fundraising pages and fixes and then worked closely with Worldreader’s Director of Marketing on a full theme redesign and modernization.

I worked quickly but carefully, salvaging parts of the existing theme worth keeping while recoding it to make the site mobile-responsive. I dramatically improved page load times and conversion rates, replaced unnecessary and out-of-date plugins, and added numerous visually appealing custom page templates (seamlessly translating mockups when available) and marketing tools.

We used data to drive key decisions.

Worldreader values transparency and has published impact numbers, financials, and PDF versions of its monitoring and evaluation (M&E) reports on its website since its founding.

Worldreader website impact map
Interactive, color-coded vector map illustrating geographic scope of organization impact

In 2015, I transformed selected reports to interactive pages on the website, making the data come alive.

Reading Speed demo on Worldreader website
Custom animations illustrating the effect of Worldreader programs on student reading speeds
Worldreader website homepage in 2017
Banners admin for Worldreader WordPress theme
Multi-template banners admin interface
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