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Project: Books & Inventory Tracking Database & API

When I began work on the Hippogriff database project, its codebase had not been worked on in a year and not seriously in over two years. I frequently heard its users complain about how frustrating it was to use.

Hippogriff books index
Search for and manage books

I undertook a full-stack makeover, beginning with many small, easy, obvious improvements (such as better search filters, navigation, and page layouts and data architecture changes) and later designing and deploying advanced features long on the team’s wishlist, including:

  • Publisher Statements
  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Managed Access (User Levels)
  • Bulk Metadata Upload
  • Amazon API integration
  • Worldreader Mobile integration
  • Territory Restrictions & Copy Limits
  • Publisher & Author Reports
  • Automated Booklist Valuation
  • Library Collection Analysis Tools
  • Color-Coded Reading Levels
Hippogriff database publisher statements
Review and print publisher invoices
Hippogriff metrics dashboard charts
Review impact in devices, books and people reading by country and date

Before Steph started fixing up Hippogriff it was a nameless, clunky database without an owner. It is now a thing of beauty with an impressive analytics dashboard that makes understanding the contours of our library so much more automatic than I ever really thought possible. Steph has an artist’s intuition for how to make something not only usable but attractive to use.
—Dani Zacarias, Former Worldreader Director of Content

Hippogriff database dashboard
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